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What Clients Say

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I have been alcohol free for over 100 days now!


It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Having new fun life experiences without the dull effect of alcohol.Getting fit & also sharing my journey with no shame or embarrasment.


I’m excited to start living my life in a much healthier way and to get the most of my life and my relationships.


Get on with it! You don’t have to hit rock bottom first. You will be amazed at the change in yourself.


Yes, amazing result. Sandra saved my life, of that I am sure.


Realising that the percieved benefits/joy of alcohol is an illusion and you can enjoy your life without it.


I’m excited for everything in life.


Thank you Sandra and JTT for a fabulous 3 months intensive!


More motivation, clarity, enthusiasm. I applied for a promotion while on the course, and got it! I would never have had the energy, or the self-confidence to do this while I was drinking.


My self confidence has massively improved. I sleep better, I feel better and I have lost weight. I feel differently about alcohol. I have "me" time. I can say " no" at work


I really enjoyed being part of a group, it was so crucial for support and accountability. I didn’t think that I would enjoy being part of a group like this because I was still feeling shame and I am quite a private person. However, it has been amazing, there is always someone there to lift you when you are feeling down or are doubting yourself. You know that all the group members totally understand where you are and have all experienced the same thing. The women in my group were so supportive and this was such an important part of my success.


I hope to continue to become healthier and happier without alcohol ruining my life, and to discover what I want the next chapter of my life to look like.


I feel like I have been given a second chance at my life and am going to grab it with both hands!


Definitely do it and be all in. Sandra is wonderful, she has lived it and breathed it herself which I think is hugely important, the call I made to her was probably the most important call of my life so far and I will never forget her and will be eternally grateful, she got me!


I am looking forward to life, because lets face it, this isn’t a rehearsal!


For me the biggest benefit is the clarity of thought. No more putting of big decisions due to being hungover, or the nervous feeling after spending the whole weekend hungover. I am more focused than ever. Looking forward to going forward being a non drinker.


Feeling safe with myself. Trusting that I will constantly be someone who I know and connect with, as opposed to the horror show that I had become when I drank - I was untrustworthy, unpredictable, unproductive and inaccessible (especially to my partner) and now I am none of those things, and am able to be someone I like.


With Sandra's ever reliable and nurturing nudges towards success I have discovered strategies and learned new facts about drink that allowed me to make new and better decisions to achieve 30 days alcohol free and take me beyond this and into a new exciting future.


I'm just so glad I sent that first message! Getting such empathetic support from Sandra, and sharing Zoom calls with other women who are feeling just as stuck in this destructive cycle was for me so much better than struggling on alone.


My future is looking golden for the very first time.


This programme will not only give you freedom from the clutches of alcohol, it will also give you the confidence to explore other areas of your life that are holding you back.


If you are at the point of realisation that alcohol is a problem in your life then take the leap of faith and work with Sandra. If you are committed to living AF then Sandra will support you through a 3 month programme with support from like minded people to help keep you accountable. Thank you again Sandra!


Sandra’s coaching helped me to recognise when and why I was triggered to “needing” a drink and find strategies to help me deal with this. Learning about the science behind alcohol and how it affects your brain was a game-changer for me. It helped me to let go of the guilt that I’d become an almost nightly drinker.


As soon as I started doing the modules, I felt a sense of connection and as though the scales were being lifted from my eyes. I began to feel positive that I may finally be able to ditch alcohol altogether


I couldn't recommend this program enough and am so thankful to Sandra and the amazing work she does. Thank you Sandra!


It is the BEST investment you can give yourself. I can smile at myself in the mirror - I was never able to do that before! I have discovered a brand new me and I honestly did not know I was capable of feeling this content, at peace with myself and can finally say I love myself.


I feel more energetic.


I am looking forward to living the best life I can


I’m looking forward to having more and more alcohol free experiences to see how much fun I can have without alcohol being a barrier to my presence.


Do it , you won't regret it! Sandra has been an amazing support throughout the programme, positively working with me and my journey and my concerns and challenges rather than being generic. The personal coaching is definitely a great strength of the programme.


I wake up feeling rested every morning and knowing that I can deal with whatever challenges the day throws at me.