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Nitish Meena

Why should you give up drinking if you are not an ‘alcoholic’?

One of the most common questions I get asked when I tell people I know that I have given up alcohol is to ask me why, since I was ‘not an alcoholic?’

It’s an interesting question. We all know someone who drinks more than we do and can find comfort in the knowledge we are fine compared to them. I did not fit any stereotype problem drinker when I gave up alcohol. I didn’t drink in secret or drink daily, I didn’t feel compelled to finish a bottle of wine when opened etc etc. But.
I genuinely thought a life without alcohol would be devoid of any sparkle , and I hated the idea of a Friday or Saturday night without alcohol. If someone else declared themselves off alcohol I felt genuinely sad for them that their lives would be dull and less fun. Alcohol was an essential part of my life and whenever I had tried a thirty day challenge before I felt miserable and deprived. And I never lasted the whole thirty days.
So alcohol had a huge hold over me, but because I was a ‘normal drinker ‘and surrounded by other ‘normal drinkers’, it wasn’t recognised as an issue.

I will write more about this and how I ended up giving up alcohol completely having only planned to have a break and then moderate.
But one thing I want to share now is that even if you are considered a ‘normal’ drinker giving up is still a game changer. It was the catalyst for so much change for me, way more than I expected.
I feel very fortunate to have discovered this without having to hit ’rock bottom’ and through coaching my mission is to help others discover how much their life can change for the better when they gain control over alcohol.