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Surviving social events- with no alcohol!!!

I have discovered that it is actually possible to go on a big night out and have a great time without any alcohol.

I stopped drinking over a year ago and in the beginning my social circle was surprised and a bit suspicious when I turned down the offer of alcohol. I have been asked if I was on antibiotics, feeling unwell, joking or pregnant.

I definitely felt awkward the first few times and I remember missing the buzz from from that first glass of wine and feeling mentally exhausted and way too alert as I kept analysing my chat…asking myself questions like, am I chatting too much, too little, racking my brain for a hilarious story to share….After the first few occasions I got used to feeling clear headed and stopped waiting for the alcohol buzz to kick in.
I now try to listen more to what people are saying and as the night wears on it is not uncommon for the thought that I am having a better time than the people around me who are drinking. I think it is important not to be smug here, so I keep this knowledge to myself and say a silent thank you, to the circumstances that led me to discover how to lose the desire for alcohol.
And the absolute best part is waking up the next morning with a clear head and no hangover!

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