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What I discovered from gaining control over alcohol….you may become a Morning Person!

I now know who the weird people are who go eight AM hot yoga classes on a Sunday morning,that last for a full sweaty ninety minutes,
because I am one of them!

And the nightmare Bikram yoga pose in the warm up where you contort your body upside down and pull at your ankles for eternity is never a wheeze but feels a lot less nauseating without a bucket of white wine whooshing through your body from the night before!
Since giving up alcohol I have discovered that I like getting up early, even at the weekends. There is something magical about being up and starting the day early when most people are still asleep. It is a great time to exercise, plan your day or enjoy a leisurely start instead of a mad scramble.
I think I may be becoming ( or at least I have aspirations to become) a morning person, instead of someone who was known not to answer her phone at the weekend until midday!

And it is far easier to become a morning person when you no longer wake up hungover, in a panic about what you said and did the night before and having to check where you left your phone, purse , brain etc!

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