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Are you waiting to hit rock bottom?

Someone asked me today, what advice I would give to someone who drinks more than they intend to but is not an ‘alcoholic’.

My response was that firstly I do not believe there is such a thing as an alcoholic. This puts the blame on the individual for being weak or having some sort of defective alcoholic gene. The reason people drink more than they plan to is because alcohol is a highly addictive substance and no one is immune to building a dependence on it.

This is an uncomfortable truth but knowing that the issue is with the substance allows us to confront the truth about alcohol and do something about it.

The second part of my response is that anyone who recognises they are not in total control over how much they drink should take action straight away. Do not wait until you reach rock bottom.

Yes you will be able to point to someone who drinks more than you and tell yourself that means you don’t have a problem.

But know this….

The most common feedback I have received from people who took control of their drinking is that they wish they had done it years ago.


Well the health benefits are a factor but the single biggest factor by far is this…