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Alcohol and your weight….

I read an article recently about how to shed what is now being referred to as “the covid stone!”

It gave all the usual advice you would expect- avoid processed food, drink more water, exercise more etc etc etc.

What was interesting is that it didn’t mention alcohol. Not the extra alcohol that people have been drinking in lockdown or the empty “booze calories” that come after. Not to mention the comfort hangover food the next day. Or the fact that going to the gym is out of the question.

This was definitely my experience when drinking. And whenever I embarked on a healthy eating regime I would turn a blind eye to the calories in alcohol because i convinced myself they didn’t count!

Here is the thing, if you drink regularly it is really hard to stick to a healthy eating plan and to manage your weight unless you are blessed with an amazingly efficient metabolic system, which sadly I am not.

And if you are relying on willpower to stick to healthy eating, well we all know that goes out the window after a few drinks. And to make matters worse if you are like me you probably don’t even remember what you ate the next day, and didn’t really taste it at the time- how annoying is that!

One of the best tips I have for managing your weight is to take a break from alcohol and get yourself to the point where you shift your mindset so that you are in control over alcohol.

This will allow you to stick to healthy eating , it will do wonders for your sleep and without a hangover the next day you can ditch the fried breakfast and go to the gym/go for a walk/dance in your living room, whatever takes your fancy.

I feel very lucky that I no longer desire alcohol- I planned to moderate but realised after about six months that I was happier being alcohol free. That is why I became a coach to teach the programme that worked for me to help other people discover how much better life is when you take back control- whether that is to moderate and drink alcohol occasionally or to give up completely.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more