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Someone asked me the other day what the biggest benefit was on becoming alcohol free.

Now its a great question – but a difficult one because there are so many benefits. The things that immediately sprung to mind were more energy, better relationships, no hangovers, more money and feeling fitter.

But when I thougth about it a bit more I realised what the biggest benefit is.

It is the difference in the way it makes me feel.

Very simply becoming alcohol free has made me happier.

And the funny thing is I resisted doing anything about my relationship without alcohol for years and years because I thought I needed it to be happy and a life without it was miserable. How wrong I was!

If I described my happiness levels while still drinking they would be very up and down. Here is an example from when I was younger.

Before the night out

Huge excitement about a night out. Lots of excited chat with friends about who was going to be there, what we were wearing, where to meet beforehand etc.

At the night out

The first hour was usually fun , then it was hazy then I would have gaps in my memory and then it was over.

The next day

I would feel awful. Physically and mentally. Often I was sick or just lying in bed terrified about the gaps in my memory of the night before, trying to avoid life and alternating between feeling sorry for myself and hating myself. Sometimes I would go out again even if i felt awful desperate for another drink to take the edge of things, avoid facing reality and delay the hangover.

The following days

Accepting that a low mood was normal, apologising to friends or accepting their apology depending on who had been most drunk. Laughing off any mishaps with false bravado, and promising myself to drink less the next time.

And then the cycle would start again.

So this was my twenties and while it wasn’t like that every weekend this pattern was fairly consistent. When I think about it now I endured days of feeling low and sad, and some horrific lows, for at most an hour of fun.

The difference now is so massive it is hard to describe but the main theme is that I am at peace with myself. I no longer need to drink to numb or take the edge off things, or avoid facing my demons and I know through what I have learned and my own experience that a night out without alcohol is way better than anything I have experienced with alcohol.

Getting there is not easy and most people need support if they want to make the change long term. If this blog resonates with you and you are ready to make a change please get in touch. Your future self will thank you