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Averie Woodard

How do I know if I have long term freedom from alcohol?

I got asked this last week and its such a great question I wanted to share my answer with you all.

So many of us have several attempts to drink less or stop, only to slip up down the road and end up back at square one, only with more frustration and anger at ourselves for being ‘weak’ or ‘stupid’.

And please know there is no judgement here because this was me for decades.

And most of the traditional methods recommended to control your alcohol intake or to cut it out completely are based on the theory that if you drink too much you basically need to exercise more self control and you should take it one day at a time, and you must never ever let your guard down.

There is also the approach I followed for years which I now think of as ‘cross my fingers and hope for the best techniques’. These involved reading books about controlling alcohol. I started with Alan Carr and have ready pretty much every book published on the subject. Other such techniques were downloading an app on my phone to count units, signing up to dry January, declaring I was cutting back (and really meaning it, at the time), deciding to drink only at the weekend, only ordering small measures in a bar etc etc. Some of these like dry January resulted in me drinking more, some worked a bit but none of them resulted in long term change. Books give you information but very few people change their life by reading a book. There is a ton of information out there, but that is not going to get you what you want. You need transformation.

It reminds me of taking pain killers for toothache- it may cause a temporary relief or dulling of the pain but it masks the underlying issue, which left untreated it gets worse.

The quickest most efficient way to achieve long term freedom from alcohol is to get expert help to address all your deep rooted subconscious beliefs around alcohol. It is not easy as it requires you to be honest about where you are at, to get to know yourself better and be willing to examine those beliefs and to be coachable and committed to showing up and doing the work to get the results you need.

I can make the process as simple as possible but it is not easy. So why bother?

Well for one, it is uncomfortable staying stuck where you are. Convincing yourself things are not too bad, until the next time. You see there is a cost either way.

And because investing in yourself to become truly free from alcohol is one of the greatest things you can ever do for yourself.

And the interesting thing and the most rewarding is who you will become in the process.

Overdrinking is an emotional problem and if you are prepared to work through your emotions with expert support, you don’t just gain freedom from alcohol you become happier in your own skin. May be for the first time ever. Because only when we dig deep and sort our issues out (bullshit, emotional baggage, life scars, call it what you will!), are we able to conquer our demons, and face life with all its ups and downs without ever needing or desiring alcohol to numb out.

And when you get to that point, it is the start of the most exciting time in your life.

If you would like my support to get there please get in touch. Your future self will thank you.