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5 Tips To Cut Down Alcohol Intake

5 Tips to Cut Down Alcohol Intake

Not sure how to cut down your alcohol intake?

Excessive alcohol consumption is linked to various health dangers, making it wise to either completely abstain from alcohol or drastically reduce alcohol consumption.

Quit Alcohol Intake

Popping open a few bottles of beer every now and then may sound harmless but heavy consumption over a period of time will eventually lead to a ton of health risks. That said, we will be the first to admit that stopping an addiction or a habit isn’t easy.

It requires lots of conscious effort and commitment to keep yourself from relapsing sooner or later.

Since abstinence isn’t the only option, we are happy to share these 5 Tips to Cut Down Alcohol Intake. Of course, we will leave you with a bonus at the end of the article. So, stay glued.

Now, let’s dive in!

Find a healthy substitute

One of the best ways to stop a habit is to look for a substitute whenever the urge comes. Something to make you forget about your original choice.

You may not be able to stop at once and start taking a substitute, nevertheless, you can take a substitute that’s equal to half the quantity of alcohol you would normally take, then take only half of the usual quantity of alcohol.

A healthy substitute like water is advisable, because substituting alcohol for soda may lead to other problems.

Too much soda consumption comes with its share of health challenges.

Have a guide

The journey of trying to cut down alcohol intake is not an easy one. Sometimes, you may not be able to refrain.

Now, this is where the help of a guide comes in. Get someone you report to about your daily improvement; an accountability partner that can quickly call you to order whenever you are going off track.

It could be a family member or a friend. Just be sure it’s someone that has the same goal as you so that you don’t get dragged back to old habits.

Don’t entertain whatever triggers the urge

Some people are strong enough to visit the bar while staying away from alcohol. But this isn’t for everyone.

Do yourself a favour and stay away from anything that will trigger the urge, at least for the first couple of months. This could mean staying away from bars or even avoiding friends who will make you relapse.

You don’t need to tempt yourself. You may think you are strong enough to withstand the urge but you will be surprised how quickly it takes to fall back down that rabbit hole.

Avoid stocking alcohol

You have absolutely no reason to keep stocking alcohol when you are clearly fighting to ‘stay clean’.

Don’t fill your home with temptations. It is easier to reduce your alcohol consumption when you are not constantly surrounded by alcohol.

It is even better to take a few shots occasionally when you are out than having alcohol in your home at all times.

Stick to the recommended guideline

Limiting yourself to the recommended guideline for alcohol consumption helps you keep track of the alcohol content on every drink you take.

This way, you can easily cut down alcohol intake without much trouble. You can also create an alcohol limit for yourself.

Make sure you always stick to this limit.

Make a conscious effort

Don’t just say you will stop or you are trying to stop. Quitting a habit/addiction goes beyond saying it to making a conscious effort.

Be intentional about it. Make a conscious effort, set positive and realistic steps towards achieving it.

You don’t build a habit in a day. Do not expect it to just disappear within a few days either.

As you try to cut down alcohol intake, remember to be patient with yourself while being persistent in achieving your goals. Don’t give up.

For more assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to help!

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