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Have Fun Witout Alcohol

9 Cool Ways To Have Fun Without Alcohol

Yes, it is totally possible to have a great time without drinking!

We agree that alcohol is the traditional party booster but knowing that alcohol does more harm than good in the long run, people are looking for cooler ways to party without drinking.

Fun With No Alcohol

Attending parties as a sober person shouldn’t be a problem. Once you understand how to have fun without alcohol, it becomes easier to resist any free-booze temptation. And no, having just one glass of alcohol is not part of it.

Whether you are trying to cut back your alcohol intake or you have been sober for some time, we strongly believe you can party and have fun without a single glass of alcohol.

Come with us, let’s show you how.

Be Prepared To Fake It

This may appear absurd, and it’s a good thing you think so. Imagine explaining to everyone at the party why you’re not drinking. You’ll be labelled ‘killjoy’ or worse.

As a result, get yourself a glass, pour that soft drink or water, and start watching, observing, and faking it since the truth is that people don’t appear to care as much as you think – as long as they see you as one of them.

Always Go With A Friend That Knows Your Story

Do you know it is easier to have fun without alcohol when you are not partying alone? If you are alone, the temptation may get so bad that you eventually give in and take a glass.

But with an accountability partner (friend or family), you have a constant reminder to stay away. Besides serving as a reminder, they also actively keep you away from alcohol when resisting gets harder.

They know to start a conversation or get you out of there before you relapse. Don’t underestimate the role of an accountability partner.

Maintain Your Focus

The first week of sobriety is usually enjoyable and easy, but after a few months, it becomes difficult to remember why you began the journey.

That’s why it is important to always remind yourself of the ‘why’. From time to time, you need to remind yourself why you choose to get off the wagon and how far you have come.

You need this clarity and focus to ensure a little push doesn’t knock you over the edge. This is especially important before going to a party.

Take Part In Games

This applies to drinking games as well. Yes, you read that correctly. You are at a party! Be free and have a good time. However, you must exercise caution and participate in non-alcoholic drinking games or better yet games without any form of drinking.

If you are up to it, you can push the limit a little and get into drinking games but make sure you know how to switch the glass when no one is looking. It is pretty fun if you want it to be. It is all on you.

Recognize Your Imperfections And Stay True To Yourself

We may find it difficult to confess our vulnerability at times, yet admitting and embracing our imperfections allows us to recognize our difficulties, bringing us one step closer to the solution we seek. We occasionally seek social affirmation from our pairs, either consciously or unconsciously, which often leads to addiction in an attempt to make an impression.

If you have recognised and accepted your personality, it will be much simpler for you to say no to unhealthy choices and accept that you can truly have fun without alcohol.

Participate In Discussions

Chances are high that almost everyone is in the mood to talk. This is a party and people are here to have fun. Instead of hiding away and thinking of all the fun, you are missing out on, why not create your fun? A good way to have fun at parties is through conversations.

Everyone is probably pumped up already, making it easy to strike up a conversation even with strangers. And sometimes, conversations with strangers are the best. So get yourself into the groove and mingle.

Dress comfortably

Dressing always helps. This tip is good for everyone. When you dress comfortably and appropriately, your self-esteem increases, making you feel like you belong. Part of the struggle of being a sober person at a party is the feeling of being different.

But once you dress up to it and feel great in your skin, you have already conquered that fear and are ready to take on the world. That’s your superpower.

Use The Party As A Means For Learning

While this might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you want to have fun without alcohol, you can totally use the party as a reminder of the reasons you quit in the first place.

Excess alcohol makes people do the dumbest things. Having to see what it looks like to be ‘wasted’ might be all you need to ‘stay off the bottle’.

Share Your Stories

Sharing your story is not a compulsory tip for everybody but we have seen that sharing your journey with a few people makes it easier to lighten up and have fun. You will find that it is very easy to avoid drinking when partying with people who know your journey.

No one will make snide comments and you are certain you belong to the group. You can be yourself and have little to no alcohol temptation.

Congratulations on cutting back on alcohol. You made the right decision because alcohol consumption is associated with multiple life-threatening diseases including cancer. Although it is a big change, we are happy to say you can totally have fun without alcohol. Give it a try!

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