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Sober Celebrities

15 Sober Celebrities You Didn’t Know About

Why do you want to quit alcohol? Knowing the ‘why’ is important to guide you through this journey.

For some people, the ‘why’ is usually about certain health issues. For others, it is a more personal reason. Whatever your reason may be, we thought to share these sober celebrities who have been open (and proud) about their sobriety journey. They have spoken up (multiple times) about how quitting alcohol changed their lives for good. This might be all the motivation you need to call it quit today.

Granted, quitting alcohol in “a culture obsessed with alcohol” is difficult, but it is not as difficult as you think; thanks to tons of non-alcoholic drinks available today. If these Hollywood sweethearts who are constantly surrounded with drinks can stay sober, we have high hopes that you can do it too.

Let’s meet them…

Chrissy Teigen

Let’s start our long list of sober celebrities with this hotshot model who recently embraced sobriety.

In 2020, Chrissy Teigen admitted to quitting alcohol for good. She explained she is tired of allowing alcohol to ruin her life and sleep. So, she called it quits.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has been sober for a very long time and he is still keeping at it, even helping others to go sober.

He attributes his reason to the fact that alcohol may ruin his life.

Given how many careers and lives alcohol has ruined, we applaud him for making the smart choice to go sober.

Kendrick Lamar

For many people, growing up in a ‘party’ home is the reason they started drinking and using drugs.

However, some people like the award-winning rapper, Kendrick Lamar, use this as a lesson to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Here’s to a king who doesn’t need alcohol or drugs to be cool!

Nicki Minaj

We can say her ‘why’ is her son who she says changed her “outlook on life” but whatever her reason is, we are happy to add this award-winning rapper to our list of celebrities who don’t drink alcohol.

She took to Twitter to share that not only has she been sober, but she has been “sober and loving life”.

For someone who “used to be happy when high”, we admit this is big news.


Celebrating 15 years of sobriety, we are proud to add Eminem to our list of sober celebrities.

Em’ made the choice to quit it all (alcohol and drugs) after a near-death experience in 2007 related to drug overdose.

Since then he swears he has been as clean as can be.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is proof that you can still be cool even without ever tasting alcohol or drugs.

Yes, her whole life! In a culture where alcohol and drugs are considered the benchmark for “cool”, we are happy to be reminded that “cool” is whatever you make of it.

Thank you, Blake!

Zac Efron

Being a Hollywood star sure comes with its fair share of worries.

How do you get away from the drama?

Well, Zac Efron thought he found the solution in alcohol but now he knows better and he is enjoying the sober life and every perk that comes with it.

Robert Downey Jr.

If there was a ranking for celebrities who have it worse with substance abuse, we bet Robert Downey Jr. will make it to that list.

After getting into serious trouble due to drug-related issues, he finally came to the realisation and sought help.

Today he is 19 years sober.

Tom Hardy

Tom is one of the lucky sober celebrities who got help before things got worse.

Although he wasn’t an alcoholic for long, he did have his personal struggle with the addiction.

Now, he is proud to say; “I have been sober longer than I’d been drinking now. It’s a nice place to be.”

Ben Affleck

If you have followed Hollywood stories for a while, you must have bumped into stories of Ben Affleck’s struggle with alcohol.

It wasn’t an easy ride but he finally caught a break.

Among other ways the sobriety journey has changed his life, the famous actor admitted that it instilled in him values like honesty, accountability, kindness, and politeness.

Things we love to see!

Bella Hadid

Join us to congratulate Bella Hadid who is 7 months sober now.

She has been open about her struggles with anxiety, which alcohol seems to make even worse.

From her journey, you can see that using alcohol to numb pain or anxiety is counterproductive because it will be back (and worse) in a few hours.

Gerard Butler

If you think staying away from alcohol is impossible, you should know that Gerard Butler did it for 25 years – and counting.

Yes, you read right!

Brad Pitt

Like most sober celebrities, Brad Pitt did have his time with alcohol.

In his words, he “was boozing too much” that it became a problem.

He didn’t need a Seer to know it’s time to call it quit. “…And every day has been happier since.”

Rumer Willis

It’s been 5 years since the actress bid goodbye to alcohol.

On paper, this may sound smooth and straightforward but in real life it was a rough road with lots of ups and downs.

Rumer Willis has battled alcohol addiction for a long time, blaming this on her mother’s (Demi Moore) relapse.

At the end of the day, we are happy to know she won the fight.

Kit Harrington

While alcohol may be the deal with men of the Night Watch, Kit Harrington is “a very, very happy, content, sober man”.

But that wasn’t always the case. In an interview, he opened up about his struggle with alcohol both during and after Game of Thrones.

It was a tough road home but we are happy to know he is a happy sober man now.

Alcohol addiction is a big problem for many people today, famous or otherwise. However, like these sober celebrities, we know it is very possible to recover no matter how deep you have gone.

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