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What a Night!

I was out with a friend recently who revealed over lunch half boasting, half laughing that she had such a great night out with her new work colleagues, celebrating the end of lockdown, that in her words she got “quite merry” and left her phone, purse etc behind in the bar.

She was subsequently elated to retrieve it the next day whilst struggling with a ‘hangover from hell’ and gaily described the whole event as daring high jinks.

As a previous partner in crime, I could easily have matched her story and then some, but instead of finding it funny I just felt frustrated and sad.

Frustrated at the myth that the price of a good night out is to get so drunk that you forget your possessions. And sad that we use expressions like “ getting merry “,and pass it off as high jinks when the reality is far from merry.

Don’t get me wrong I have been there myself.

And I know what it is like to wake up in a horrible panic about what I might have said or done the night before. I have avoided friends, lost countless possessions, and tried desperately to laugh off anything I have said or done when I was drunk, while secretly feeling horrendous anxiety and waves of shame. This recent conversation makes me wonder when we are ever going to have an honest conversation about alcohol. Where we admit that the glamorous images are just a façade and where women feel comfortable admitting to their friends that these hilarious drunken incidents are no longer funny and actually maybe they were never funny in the first place. Where we look past an advert of a sassy woman about town with a seductive smile brandishing a martini and play it forward to imagine how dreadful the woman feels the next day. And we call it out for what it is.

So… are you done with being hoodwinked by alcohol advertising?

Ready for an upgrade from slurring your words/losing your mobile/handbag/brain etc, to a night where you show up feeling great exactly as you are, get home in one piece and remember what happened the next day free from shame and fear?

Let me help you ditch your drunk self and discover your best self.

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