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Lisa Testimonial

You were coached by Sandra Parker last year- using this naked mind intensive modules designed to give you control over alcohol and have a mindset shift so that you no longer feel the need or desire to drink.

What was your relationship with alcohol like before you did?

Like a lot of women in my peer group, my relationship with alcohol had changed from being something I occasionally enjoyed at weekends and special occasions, to something I turned to more and more to soothe myself at the end of a busy working day. I started treating it as a “reward” for getting through another day juggling work and kids. Except it wasn’t really rewarding me any more. I felt guilty opening the fridge and grabbing the wine as soon as my handbag hit the floor and I never felt on top of my game; sluggish in the mornings, unproductive in the evenings.

What is different now?

Since going through coaching with Sandra, my relationship with alcohol has completely changed. I thought that i would always find it difficult to “resist” alcohol. But the mindset shift achieved through the programme has broken that need to turn to alcohol whenever I’m tired, sad, stressed, celebrating, hungry or angry. I used to have a raft of excuses to pour a drink! Now I still like a treat at the end of the day but I will pour an alcohol free gin or cider.

How did Sandra’s coaching help you?

Sandra’s coaching helped me to recognise when and why I was triggered to “needing” a drink and find strategies to help me deal with this. Learning about the science behind alcohol and how it affects your brain was a game-changer for me. It helped me to let go of the guilt that I’d become an almost nightly drinker. It didn’t happen overnight but gradually alcohol has become small and irrelevant in my life. Not drinking doesn’t feel like I’m sacrificing anything …I know I’m rewarding myself much more healthily these days.

If someone was trading this and worried about their drinking what advice would you give them? Would you recommend working with Sandra?

If, like me, you find you’re on a constant cycle of trying to string together a few alcohol free nights then hitting the wine hard on a Friday night. Then feeling guilty on a Monday that you wasted what should have been relaxing weekend, instead spending it feeling sluggish …then maybe it’s time to try something different? I tried moderating my drinking on my own but couldn’t even make it through dry January or Sober October! Book an exploratory call with Sandra as she will help you achieve your goals; whether that’s cutting out alcohol altogether or moderating your drinking.

What is the best thing about being alcohol free? What has changed in your life?

Changing my relationship with alcohol has given me so much more energy, makes me a more present Mum and has renewed my zest for life. And it’s also resulted in a new business! I now run a Facebook group for alcohol free drinks enthusiasts and have developed an App called NonToxicated where people can check out a whole range of great drinks and access special offers!