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Jane Testimonial

How much were you drinking and what problems was it causing? 

Answers to your questions:

I was drinking roughly 5 evenings a week & it was causing me feelings of embarrassment, guilt & failure as well as worry for the damage to my health, emotional wellbeing and ability to manage and function fully at work, at home and in everyday life.  I procrastinated when I did have time to myself, lacked energy, motivation and had gained weight that with all the will in the world I was struggling to shift.  It marred my life.

What was the key reason you wanted to change- what motivated you? 

My key motivation was health, particularly as I was getting older and I wanted to look and feel how I did a decade ago.  I also wanted to be in control and have more energy, I knew I was capable of so much more and drinking was stopping me, but I couldn’t stop the urge, the craving and didn’t like how this made me feel or affected my self-worth.

 How did you discover me? 

I discovered you after I had spent a lot of time searching and clicking on links about drinking and liver health and then had an advert pop up on my facebook feed.  I booked on to listen to the webinar but because of the timing had to listen to it in a supermarket car park on my way to work and couldn’t connect!  When I then got another feed I booked on again and managed to get on this time.

Were you sceptical this method would work? 

 I was sceptical but I had tried many things myself and knew the services available were not effective and wouldn’t  work for me, everything they suggested seemed very basic and had I been able to do it from their advice I already would have.  

When i first signed up I secretly thought I would be the one person this did not work for but also knew that if I changed my relationship with alcohol that so much in my life would change.  I function in my career and other areas very well however I often wondered what I could achieve if I didn’t drink and deep down knew this was the one thing that was holding me back and causing blocks and delays in many areas of my life.  I felt stuck and had tried so many times because I knew this was the one big thing I could do to help myself but much as I tried I just couldn’t change it alone.

Did you try before to cut down or have a break from alcohol?

 I had breaks from alcohol, usually in the new year which never lasted more than a three weeks but I always tried.  I also tried to cut down but had a 4 day period that I could never get past.  I had tried several different approaches, self help books and research but knew I needed a different approach and not to do this alone, I  couldn’t tell anyone as there is so much shame and blame put on individuals arounnd alcohol use.  I couldn’t cope with the pressure and finger pointing, that would have the opposite effect and I knew that.

What amazing results did you get?  – What about in terms of your self esteem? What about the impact on your career?

 The results are unbelievable in so many areas of my life.  I cannot believe how calmly I deal with stress situations now, I am just so much calmer and more rational in my approach to everything.  I have lost weight around my middle and feel attractive again!  I am more alert, awake and have finally managed to cross what I used to refer to as the ‘7am Line’, the time that I genuinely believed I could not wake up before and function properly.  My body clock is so much better and I can sleep more soundly and feel more rested than I have for years.

I achieve more and am on top of things but it doesn’t seem to take any more effort than before, in fact it seems to take less effort!

Instead of feeling that I am on a treadmill I have time to reflect properly about my career, where I want to be and come up with simple solutions that I have the composure and ability to implement to be less frantic in my day to day working life.  

I have always been quite self-aware and this has increased so I am aware of how I feel physically, my emotional state and what I need to make things really work for me.

I no longer rush home to flop on the sofa with a glass of wine, I do more with my time, get more from it, have more time with the people I love and want to be with as well as time for myself doing the things I used to say that I didn’t have time to do.  

I no longer have the two voices in my head saying ‘ you need a glass of wine’ then ‘you will regret it, stay strong’.  My internal voice is not having that debate and that is something I never thought would happen.  I genuinely don’t want to drink alcohol, don’t desire it, miss it or want it, I just feel an enormous sense of freedom and wish I had done this years ago.

What would you say to someone thinking of signing up to work with me? 

Sign up now!  Don’t waste any more time thinking about it, you won’t regret it and so many things willl change for the better, things you hadn’t even thought of.  It works!  This isn’t about ‘giving up’ this is about not feeling you lhave given anything up because you don’t want to drink any more, you don’t need it, you don’t crave it, you don’t even think about it.  

What is possible for you now  that you are alcohol free?

 My Mum is dying and it is a really difficult time for me.  i am looking forward to being there for her fully.  I am looking forward to making the most of the time we have left and being able to do the best for her.

I am looking forward to really living my life to the full, having experiences not tainted by alcohol which I thought made them better but actually took something away.  

I am looking forward to fitting into my summer dresses and feeling pretty, to having the time and energy to look after my health, how I look and how I feel.  I am looking forward to having that amazing feeling you get when you are strong and fit and flexible and just feel good to be.

I am looking forward to all the things on my waiting list that I am now putting into action because I have the time, clarity and motivation to finally do them.

I am looking forward to life, because lets face it, this isn’t a rehearsal!