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Ivan Testimonial

What was the key reason you wanted to change … what motivated you?

For the first time I was noticing the emotional effects of drinking, I was starting to feel anxious and noticed that I was drinking alone and regularly and finding it impossible to stop after one or two drinks. Even though I was drinking I was conscious of the effect of this on me and although was telling myself i was in control I knew deep down that I wasn’t. I also knew that I couldn’t fix it on my own.

How much were you drinking and what problems was it causing?

I could easily drink a bottle of red wine and 2 or 3 very strong large gin and tonics in a evening. I would fall asleep/pass out downstairs. I even injured myself one night by falling on a glass.

Were you sceptical this (JTT Transformation programme) would work?

I desperately wanted the program to work but was fearful rather than sceptical that it wouldn’t.  The gradual approach at rewiring is so clever yet simple, providing you confidence along the way to take those short steps. The power of group support is very valuable. 

What results have you got?

I feel so much healthier, physically and mentally. I wonder whether the mental health is more important to me now. I have confidence in being alcohol free and look forward to the mornings which are a special time for me.

You have completed the JTT programme and are now in Upgraded Life. What does an alcohol-free Upgraded Life mean for you?

An upgraded life for me is still a new experiment, It has given me a really good vantage point on so many other aspects of my life and relationship that they are also benefitting. I can tell that these small windows of opportunity are opening up for me along the way.

What would you say to someone worried about their drinking thinking of working with me?

Take the first step, its not something that is easily achieved alone and having someone to guide and coach you is essential. The thought that “i am not that bad as there is always someone whom is worse than me” is a total falsehood. The only person you are kidding is yourself.