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Ten Smart Reasons To Give Up Alcohol

Ten Smart Reasons to Give Up Alcohol

In case no one has told you yet, let us be the first to bluntly say it – alcohol does more harm than good to your body. From the slurry speech to knocking you completely out, increasing your blood sugar, and many more, we believe you don’t need more convincing to give up alcohol.

Many celebrities have been open about their struggle with alcohol addiction and how badly it has affected their health, career and overall well-being. There is no need to die in shame. The first step to recovering is to understand that there is actually a problem to fix. If you do not see the problem yet, we hope this article helps you to realise just a glimpse of the harmful effect of alcohol. Here, we quickly highlight a few reasons why giving up alcohol is the best option.

Alcohol puts you at a higher risk of accidents

Before we get into health issues that alcohol exposes you to, let’s talk about how alcohol affects your physical health. Because alcohol interferes with the brain, drunk people tend to get into more risky situations than when they are not drunk. The list is endless. One common example is driving or walking drunk. This puts you at a high risk of getting into an accident and getting injured, or worse, losing your life. You also make the worst decisions when drunk so it’s not surprising to see people do the dumbest things that put their life at risk.

Alcohol makes you age faster

Alcohol affects many processes in your body, and your skin is one of them. Many studies have confirmed that excessive consumption of alcohol makes you age faster than you should. Too much alcohol takes its toll on your skin, leading to more wrinkles and acne. The two ingredients for quick ageing.

Alcohol interferes with your sleep

It’s funny and naive when I hear people say they can’t give up alcohol because it helps them to relax and sleep. In case you haven’t noticed, alcohol actually affects your sleep pattern and sleep quality. Don’t be deceived!

Alcohol leads to multiple health issues

I think if people know the range of health issues they invite by consuming alcohol, giving up alcohol won’t be an issue. I mean, no one wants to destroy their own health with their own hands. Well, as you continue to consume alcohol, keep in mind that you are damaging your liver, kidney, heart, and brain. Prolonged exposure is the cause of many different cancers, diabetes, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, kidney failure, cardiac arrest, Alzheimers,  and many more. Although these health issues do not show up right now, they slowly accumulate and become worse as you age.

Alcohol destroys your mental health

Do you know alcohol addiction is one of the leading causes of depression, anxiety, and suicide? The brain is one of the organs that receives a substantial blow each time you gulp down alcohol. The ‘high’ feeling sounds fun right now until you realize how deeply you are destroying your mental health. Yes, you feel good when you are high because alcohol is a depressant, but for how long does that feeling last? And at what cost to your health? You will agree that you feel even worse once you sober up. Therefore, alcohol is not really a solution. Instead, it adds to the problem.

Alcohol takes away your willpower

Like other addictions, alcohol takes away your willpower and control. You feel powerless every time the urge comes knocking. And after indulging in this unhealthy habit, you find yourself covered in a cloud of guilt and shame. The vicious circle continues until it completely engulfs your life, destroying every shred of self-control and self-esteem you have built. It’s time to fight back. It is time to give up alcohol.

Alcohol affects your weight loss effort

Ever heard of beer belly? Let’s just say alcohol may be the reason you are seeing no gains despite the pains you go through in the gym. Don’t be deceived by the bitter taste. Alcohol contains high sugar and carb content. In addition to increasing your blood sugar and exposing you to diabetes, it also leads to unnecessary accumulation of fat, leading to increased weight gain.

Alcohol destroys your career and goals

If you want to improve your career and/or education goals, you should totally consider giving up alcohol. Alcohol interferes with your mental state and emotional stability, which in turn impacts your creativity and productivity. Together this means you will struggle more with your daily tasks and goals, which can ultimately reduce your career growth and aspirations. Even the best of us get to slowly decline into a shadow of themselves due to alcohol abuse.

Alcohol affects your relationships

How has alcohol impacted your relationships – romantic, business, and friendship? Take a moment to think about it. Many recovering/recovered alcohol addicts talk about how badly alcohol impacted their relationships. Some people lose great friendships and business relationships because they just can’t get themselves collected. Romantic relationships are also hard to maintain because alcohol makes you emotionally unstable. Is this not enough reason to give up alcohol?

Alcohol actually makes you spend more

It may not look like much right now but calculate the money addicts spend on alcohol for years – if not decades. Add that up and see how much you would be saving. Imagine investing that money in something instead. How much will you make in ten years? Would you rather waste that on something that destroys your physical and mental health? Your choice!

Having seen how badly alcohol affects your body, mind, and soul, we hope you find the strength to give up alcohol for good. We understand that, like any other addiction, this is not an easy decision, thus we encourage you to get all the help you need. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. We are here to help!

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