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Seona Testimonial

How much were you drinking and what problems was it causing?

I was drinking every day at least 1-2 large glasses and at least a bottle of wine a night during the weekend, some nights 2 bottles. It was definitely affecting my work and relationship with my husband and children, although if I am honest I didn’t know how much until I joined the programme and cut back. I lacked sleep and woke up tired. I never really thought I suffered hang overs but I think I just normalised how I felt in the mornings. I had started a new job and was trying to learn a new industry and genuinely struggling with remembering what I had been told. My husband was frustrated with me drinking every night and he didn’t even know how much I actually was drinking.

What was the key reason you wanted to change- what motivated you?

I just felt like I was spiralling out of control. I was accepting this as normal and forgetting whole conversations I had had with my girls. I had tried to cut back so many times previously and nothing worked. I always ended back up to daily drinking; it crept back up twice as quickly and I drank more than ever. I was using every situation as an “excuse” to have a drink.

How did you discover me?

I saw JTT on Facebook and watched the webinar.

Were you sceptical this method would work? 

Absolutely! I had tried so many different ways including OYNB where I signed up for the 28 day challenge. Only got to day 8 (but that was a huge achievement for me being a daily drinker). Also with so much positivity in the programme with no personal blame, and focussing on alcohol as opposed to avoiding the topic – I just wasn’t sure it would work. When you said I would need to do 30 days AF at the end of the programme, I thought I would never be able to achieve it

What had you tried before to cut down or have a break from alcohol? OYNB, willpower to not drink Mon or Tues, not to drink before xo’clock, dry January, saw a counsellor about my drinking and general stresses at work

Did you enjoy the group structure?

Yes, the weekly zoom calls and WhatsApp group are very supportive and not too big that you get lost. I am not one personally to post a lot but I did feel accountable to the group. You get to know people and their stories, and can always relate at some level. It helped with motivating me to achieve. If they can do this, then so can I. Having people at different stages of the journey also helped

What amazing results did you get? 

I did 30 days without a single drop of alcohol! I slept well throughout the period, woke feeling much more energised, no guilt in the middle of the night with my heart racing, I remember every film I watched with my girls, every conversation. I didn’t lose any weight but I definitely treated myself in other ways so I can’t have it all!

What impact has it made to your relationship with your husband and daughters?

 Very positive. They know they are the most important thing to me and they prefer me present for them and their needs.

What would you say to someone thinking of signing up to work with me? Do it; you won’t regret it! Sandra has been an amazing support throughout the programme, positively working with me and my journey and my concerns and challenges rather than being generic. The personal coaching is definitely a great strength of the programme.