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Kerstin Testimonial

How much were you drinking and what problems was it causing?

I was drinking a whole bottle of wine several nights a week, usually at home, as when I went out I would tend to be more careful, and find it easier to control my drinking. The regular hangovers made me feel I was constantly letting myself down. My days were often unproductive and made miserable by feeling ill. I’d put on weight and knew I was doing myself real harm.

What was the key reason you wanted to change- what motivated you?

Feeling totally fed up with the way my life was just one hangover after another, and being frightened about what I was doing to myself.

What did you try before and what failed ?

Reading lots of quit lit… making promises to myself that I didn’t keep… tracking my drinking on apps (which just reminded me I’d failed again)… the local authority alcohol counselling service (where they said I didn’t seem in as bad a state as their other clients) … and hypnotherapy from a creepy man who just made me feel uncomfortable!

How did you discover me?

I think ‘Just The Tonic’ popped up on Facebook because I already followed ‘Drop The Bottle’ and ‘One Year No Beer’.

Were you sceptical this method would work?

No, not at all, because having read This Naked Mind, and also attempted the Alcohol Experiment, I was already familiar with Annie Grace’s work, and believed this was the right way to quit drinking.

What amazing results did you get?

I felt happier and had more energy, and then felt happier again because I got more of the things I wanted to do done! I also lost a few pounds and felt that my eyes were brighter and my face less puffy.

Biggest benefit for you in doing this work?

Feeling happier, sleeping better, and getting a sense of achievemnet for tackling something that I’d know for a long time needed to be tackled! Before joining JTT I felt very alone, and now feel very very glad that I signed up and started to re-evaluate not only my drinking but other things too.

What would you say to someone thinking of signing up to work with me?

I’m just so glad I sent that first message! Getting such empathetic support from Sandra, and sharing Zoom calls with other women who are feeling just as stuck in this destructive cycle was for me so much better than struggling on alone.