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Jodie Testimonial

How much were you drinking and what problems was it causing? 

I was drinking 1-2 bottles a night, but it had also progressed to morning drinking when I couldn’t cope with the hangovers. In all honesty once I started drinking i would be on a binge for 2-3 days, sometimes more, which included some quite severe morning/ day time drinking.

What was the key reason you wanted to change- what motivated you? 

So many things!!! But mostly my relationship starting to fall apart, my hatred of myself for never being able to commit or stick to anything, and my fear that it was affecting the job I loved so much.

How did you discover me? 

Through TNM (this naked mind).

 Were you sceptical this method would work? 

 Of course, I was more than skeptical just because I have failed so many times before, I did it out of desperation, but was fairly sure it wouldn’t work. I was wrong!

 Did you try before to cut down or have a break from alcohol?

 Yes, for about 5 years (more if you count me just generally being unhappy with my consumption).

What amazing results did you get?  – What has been the impact on your relationship? What about the impact on your career?

Too many to list – but overall just a self love and appreciation, a realisation that all the many things i was so convinced I need alcohol for (socialising, relaxation, connection with ppl and a million other things) I just didn’t. It was a crazy thing to realise – it felt like meeting my teenage self again.

 What would you say to someone thinking of signing up to work with me? 

It does feel like a big financial commitment, but the things you learn are so so invaluable. Even if you don’t have a perfect straight run, the learning you really can’t unlearn and will get you there in the end.

 What are you most excited about now that you are alcohol free?

Feeling safe with myself. Trusting that i will constantly be someone who I know and connect with, as opposed to the horror show that I had become when i drank – I was untrustworthy, unpredictable, unproductive and inaccessible (especially to my partner)  and now I am none of those things, and am able to be someone I like.