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Janice Testimonial

Before you worked with me how much were you drinking and what problems was it causing? What was the key reason you wanted to change- what motivated you?

I was drinking more than I wanted to, mainly at weekends.I was buying a small bottle of red wine 187 mls for Thursday night as still had work to go to on Friday. Sometimes I would have 2 as was equivalent to half bottle of wine. I wouldn’t buy a normal sized bottle as I couldn’t trust myself not to drink it all.

I work as nurse and have to be on the ball.On Friday and Saturday I would drink a bottle of wine and sometimes a couple of gin and tonics too.

I was hungover on Sat mornings. Needing fluids ++ and paracetamol.Lethargic and took half the day to feel a bit better. Sunday was the same. It was the norm for me. Not so much on a Sunday as was working again on Monday morning. Then lockdown happened. I wasn’t going out to cinema or see friends etc and somehow found myself buying more alcohol.

I’ve always drank more than my fair share.Its just how it was. Some of my friends were the same but a few didn’t drink the same as me, a lot less.

I noticed I was hungover, grumpy and it was a big deal keeping the house clean and tidy and making something nice for tea.

How did you discover me?

I noticed something pop up on Fb. It was just the tonic, I read what women were saying and asked Sandra on fb for call back. We chatted for about 45 mins and I was honest with her. I didn’t think I would be able to stop drinking. The habit was deep and long. I hadn’t tried to stop drinking before. Sure I had not drank for a week or so usually precipitated by an especially bad hangover or embarrassing situation.

I had been drinking since I was 16. I’ve worked full time since I was 17. I’ve studied and have a responsible job. I hadn’t thought about not having any alcohol at all. I didn’t think it was a problem.

I was skeptical it would work, worried the modules would be too difficult, the time factor of getting them done etc.

Anyway I decided to try, so was teamed up with another two women in a similar position to myself. I remember feeling a bit awkward and shy on the first zoom call with Sandra and Christine, Liz joined a couple of weeks later, but after the first few minutes it was fine.

I am now 30 weeks AF and found it easier than I thought I would. I t doesn’t even cross my mind to go down the alcohol aisle in the supermarket now. I feel good. Hangover free for over 7 months.

It shows in my skin. I have more money to spend and I treated myself to some nice skin care products and I am motivated to do good things.

I was out for a meal last night and had water instead of my usual wine. At the end of the meal the head waiter who knew I worked for nhs offered me a free liquer and I did feel a sense of pride answering him saying I don’t drink, but thanks anyway.

I really enjoyed the modules, they were so easy to listen to and understand. I dip in and out of the modules still.

I have much more time which was just as well with my mum becoming unwell I was able to step up to the mark.

What amazing immediate results you got

For me the biggest benefit is the clarity of thought. No more putting of big decisions due to being hungover, or the nervous feeling after spending the whole weekend hungover. I am more focused than ever. Looking forward to going forward being a non drinker.

The support of the other women in the course and Sandra was fantastic. It was a great learning experience and I embraced it.

I feel really good and my family are happy because I’m so much nicer not having a hangover hanging over me.

Question- what advice would you give someone who was considering booking a breakthrough call with Sandra?

I would recommend Sandra for a breakthrough call. She is a good listener and you can discuss if the course is for you.

I signed up as I just thought maybe just maybe this would work. I’m so glad I did. Sandra is non judgmental about how you drink.

I wasn’t embarrassed telling her about my drinking habits. I would say to any woman dithering about signing up to the course, go for it, you have nothing to lose and the support from Sandra was fantastic.I’m so glad I did this course. Sitting down on a Saturday night to polish off a bottle of wine doesn’t even enter my head anymore. It was a huge game changer for me.

Also the camaraderie with the zoom calls and everyone supporting each other was really great.

I think not drinking has made me a nicer person, I’m never hungover or stressed with a hangover from hell. Thank you Sandra.