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Hayley Testimonial

How much were you drinking and what problems was it causing? 

I started drinking very early in my teenage years, all my group of friends drank the same.  A lot of the adults in my life drank a lot too so I grew up thinking that this was the norm.  my drinking has always been excessive over the weekends starting as soon as I got home on Friday from work.  Its all I ever thought about on Friday coming home to a large Gin and Tonic and a bottle of wine, that was how I liked to unwind at the weekend.

During the last 4 years my drinking became problematic, I had numerous bereavements losing both my parents and my two best friends.  I therefore started using alcohol to self soothe.  I would regularly drink to the point where I would pass out, this started to affect my marriage my relationship with my girls and some of my friendships as I would often fall asleep in their company.

What was the key reason you wanted to change- what motivated you? 

The main reason I wanted to change was the realisation that drink was starting to impact negatively on my relationships.  My girls would often comment on my inability to stay awake in the evening and would get cross that I couldn’t stay awake during a film.  My Husband said he was worried about my health and my vulnerability about when I was out and drinking.  I would often wake up feeling worried because I couldn’t recall getting home.  This scarred me and I realised that it was only a matter of time before something happened to me.

How did you discover me? 

I had been looking at various alcohol support groups for some time because I knew that I needed to do something but was afraid to take that first step.  I came across your program by chance scrolling through Facebook, I booked a breakout call and instantly knew when I spoke to you that this was the program for me.  I felt so relived and understood, I finally felt that I could be honest about my problem and didn’t feel judged.

Were you sceptical this method would work? 

I was very sceptical and honestly didn’t for one minute believe that this would be successful for me.  I had been drinking for 4 decades and couldn’t imagine my life without alcohol.

Did you try before to cut down or have a break from alcohol?

I have tried so many times to give up drinking, I have done numerous dry Januarys and felt so depressed throughout that time then drank excessively in February.  Each time I tried this I was totally pre-occupied with thoughts of alcohol and felt miserable.

What amazing results did you get?  – Has it allowed you to enjoy being a mum more? What about the impact on your career? What has your husband and daughters noticed?

I have had the most amazing results and never in a million years thought it was possible to be happy with out drinking.  The health benefits have been immense.  I sleep better feel better look better and I find that I don’t feel stress anywhere near that same as I did.  I now take everything in my stride and don’t worry the same or feel anxious about things.  One of the best things has been finally being free from the alcohol gremlins  that constantly chatter in my head telling me it’s time for wine.

I am generally so much more productive and have more energy.

My Husband and girls are so proud of me and tell that they are happy now that I stay awake at night and engage with them.  They love the fact that I can now pick them up in the evening because I haven’t been drinking.

My performance at work has improved too, I used to go to work on Monday’s wondering how I would get through the day because I was coming down from a heavy weekend of alcohol.  Now Mondays are far more enjoyable and I am much more productive and enjoy work more.

What would you say to someone thinking of signing up to work with me? 

I would really recommend this program to anyone who is worried about their drinking.  The program is life changing and so crucial to understanding the mindset change.  The program is so educational, and this learning is imperative to make the change.  I can honestly say this program has invaluable and has saved me.

Did you enjoy being part of a group- did you find that helped you?

I really enjoyed being part of a group, it was so crucial for support and accountability.  I didn’t think that I would enjoy being part of a group like this because I was still feeling shame and I am quite a private person.  However, it has been amazing, there is always someone there to lift you when you are feeling down or are doubting yourself.  You know that all the group members totally understand where you are and have all experienced the same thing.  The women in my group were so supportive and this was such an important part of my success

What are you most excited about now that you are alcohol free?

I am excited about waking up everyday feeling the best that I can

Never having to worry again about what I did or said, never waking up feeling shame and embarrassment.  I want to make up for all the hundreds of days that I have wrote off because I was hung over and couldn’t function.  I want to make the most of my life and learn new things. I love spending time with people now because I feel present and enjoy their company.  I want to get fitter and improve my health and be the best version of me that I can.  I want to enjoy my family and make them proud of me.  I can’t wait to go on holiday and enjoy every moment alcohol free so I will really relax rather than returning home feeling like I need a liver transplant.  Everything I do now has a different and a more meaningful purpose and I can remember everything I do !