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Cat Testimonial

How much were you drinking and what problems was it causing? 

On average, I was drinking 4 bottles of wine at weekends and 2 bottles during the week. It was making me very lethargic during weekends and feeling anxious and unmotivated to do my job to the best of my ability during the week. It also caused some problems in my relationship and, to a lesser extent, my friendships. If I would drink in an unhappy frame of mind, I would tend to project this onto those around me….and wake up not remembering what I had said/done the night before.

What was the key reason you wanted to change- what motivated you? 

My driving factor was to get back in the driving seat in regards to my drinking and not have alcohol drive me.  I wanted to address this before it started to have a darker effect on my life. I wanted to be in control.

How did you discover me? 

I was looking at Facebook one Sunday morning feeling hungover and miserable and the advert popped up which addressed things that I could directly relate to and wanted to change.

Were you sceptical this method would work? 

Yes, I would never have believed it would have been this easy to change my mindset towards drinking alcohol.

Did you try before to cut down or have a break from alcohol?

Yes, many times, but there would always be a reason/excuse to draw me back into my bad habits

What amazing results did you get?  – has it allowed you to enjoy life more? What about the impact on your career?

There are so many positive results I am experiencing that far outweigh the short “buzz” of that first drink.  My relationship has improved dramatically and the sense of self-loathing has disappeared.  I’m feeling clear headed in the mornings and am so much more motivated at work, feeling able to do my job without the anxiety that was always present in the background.  I’m doing more enjoyable or constructive things in my free time too and excited to start new hobbies to replace my old “hobby” of just sitting and drinking on the sofa.  I have lost the bloatedness/redness in my face and the excess pounds that alcohol gave me are coming off.  I’ve even been able to stop smoking too – something I always did hand-in-hand with a glass of wine.

What would you say to someone thinking of signing up to work with me? 

I would say don’t hesitate – it’s the best investment in yourself that you can do

What are you most excited about now that you are alcohol free?

I’m excited to start living my life in a much healthier way and to get the most of my life and my relationships – I’m really looking forward to what my AF future holds.